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Get more insights on how to treat an infected belly button piercing, know the causes & how to clean and how to get rid of belly button piercing bumps. Belly button Piercing Infection Causes Belly button piercing is beautiful, but unfortunately it requires good piercing techniques, high standards of hygiene and best aftercare for effective []. Use cotton swabs or cotton balls to apply the oil on your belly button. Allow to dry and leave it there if it does not cause irritation. Tea tree oil will fix the belly ring infection by dehydrating it. It will get rid of bumps in the navel area. If the infection comes from gram. Complications With Infection. There's also the possibility that a bump next to your nose ring is a pustule or abscess. If the bump looks pink and feels tender or looks like a pimple, it may be a pustule--a localized pus-filled sore or "piercing pimple.". While proper care usually keeps these from forming, sometimes a piercing gets a bump with the best of care. Identifying the bump and treating it can reduce pain, and help your piercing heal faster. The reasons for getting a bump could be always different, from non - sterilized equipment to non professional aftercare treatment. Many people complain of bumps on their piercings. While proper care usually keeps these from forming, sometimes a piercing gets a bump with the best of care. Identifying the bump and treating it can reduce pain, and help your piercing heal faster.

20/02/2015 · I got my belly button pierced last July and it was doing fine until I got hit in the stomach with an innertube at a hotel. Afte that happened a little bump formed and it started bleeding. I kept doing the salt water soaks and washing with dial when I showerd. It's been gone for about a month but my dog jumped on me while I was laying. The belly ring vs the baby bump I made reference in my last post to my nephew pointing at my belly ring and calling it "ouie!" and I figured this may be a helpful post to those mamas-to-be out there that have their belly button pierced and would like to keep it that way. 08/08/2011 · Wow i didnt know you cud get maternity belly button rings, fab! Was thinkin id hav to take mine out and be left with a gapping hole! Yaaayy im pleased i dnt hav too! My bloat looks like that from 4pm onwards, nothing on a morning then by teatime i blow up! Ive bn taking Rennie Deflatine which is. The bump is caused by your body trying to reject the piercing. Having a metal belly button ring isn't natural and your body has no idea what it is. It's first reaction is to protect itself by getting rid of the piercing and healing itself. The bum.

Well I got my belly pierced about two months ago and everythin was fine for the first month or so now I have a painful bump on the left side of my belly piercing and its not on top of the skin but under and at times it gets real big and very painful and then it goes down doesn't even look like it's there or even hurts,when it is going down. 26/03/2018 · Cartilage piercings heal more slowly than earlobe piercings and are prone to irritation. In the first few days after getting your piercing, you may notice a bump or general swelling around the jewelry. Cartilage piercings typically take anywhere from 4 to 12 months to heal completely. They heal from.

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